Affordable Homes

We are dedicated to providing affordable homes for local people who would have difficulty buying a home without a little help. MORE >

MyHome properties are sold at a discounted price (usually 70%, 75% or 80% of the market value).

You won’t need to enter into a shared ownership agreement. You won’t have to pay any rent and you’ll own the whole property.

When you sell your home in the future this will have to be at the same discounted rate so the property remains affordable for future generations.

To take advantage of the MyHome scheme, you must usually have a connection to the area (for example, living within a certain distance from the home you’re looking to buy). There are further criteria you will need to meet and you will also need to be approved for a mortgage or have funds available. To find out which MyHome properties are available please call our residential sales team on 01823 257961.

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