Watchet – Liddymore Farm – Public Consultation

Liddymore Farm, Watchet

The District Council identified Liddymore Farm as a suitable early release housing site on 16 December 2015. Following an examination of the Local Plan an independent, Government-appointed Inspector specifically identified in his report that development of the site for housing would be consistent with the strategy of the Plan.

Summerfield Developments is preparing to submit an outline planning application for new housing and public open space. 35% of the proposed housing will be delivered as affordable housing to help meet the significant need for affordable homes in West Somerset. This is likely to comprise a mix of different tenures of housing, including some delivered in partnership with a Registered Housing Provider.

A public exhibition was held on Monday 22 May 2017  at The Phoenix Centre, Watchet, but if you were unable to attend you can download the information which was on show at the event by clicking on the site layout picture below.

Liddymore Farm link to pdf

Click on the plan for further information

Update August 2017

Liddymore Farm Watchet Update to the Public Consultation

Click for update to the Public Consultation

We welcome your feedback which you can send to us via the form below.  Please use it to provide us with any views, comments or observations you may have.

Comments will be recorded in full in a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) that will be submitted to the District Council as part of the application. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, names will be recorded in the SCI as initials only and addresses will appear as street name and location only. The completed forms may be shown to the local planning authority and other appropriate agencies as evidence of participation in the consultation.

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